Spinal Cord Injuries

Every spinal cord injury is unique in its own way. Majority of individuals may receive intensive rehab at facilities to prepare them for life after a spinal cord injury. However, life really begins once individuals return home. Whether an individual has a complete spinal cord injury or incomplete injury, is able to walk or uses a wheelchair as primary mode of mobility, continued services are highly recommended. Recovery can be seen years out following an individual’s initial injury. Continuing to address remaining impairments, addressing new skills or working on previously learned ones, and preventing secondary complications is necessary for individuals who have sustained spinal cord injuries. An exercise program and/or formal physical therapy is an integral part of one’s life. It can help prevent overuse injuries, improve walking mechanics, prevent diabetes, reduce pain, decrease bone density loss, and prevent pressure ulcers. Having custom wheelchairs screened regularly for adjustments or the need for a new one is important as well.